Taking on a development as a joint venture seems to have become increasingly common as those with equity seek to deploy cash aligned with those who have the expertise in delivering development projects. Most equity investors will still want to see some cash in from the developer to ensure commitment to the scheme but there is certainly equity around for experienced developers with the right project. It can add another level of complexity to getting a project off the ground but if successful in attracting wealthy JV partners it can really enable a development business to grow and take advantage of opportunities......

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Most of our clients are active in more ‘mainstream’ markets, such as residential development and commercial investment property acquisitions. However over the last few years we’ve seen increasing interest in what were previously considered to be niche sectors; student housing in particular has evolved from being a mix of on campus University owned halls together and less desirable private residential stock to a much higher standard of accommodation aimed specifically at that sector. Professional operators and developers have worked closely with universities eager to use modern accommodation to help attract students.....



Whilst London’s larger agents were almost all completely wrong with their growth forecasts for the last year in residential property prices, they were unanimous in who is to blame for them being wrong. A year or so ago agents were expecting close to zero growth in central London, partly due to recent price rises in a still fragile economy and the government’s new SDLT increases on higher valued property. However having seen close to 8% average growth in the last year they are pointing fingers at the apparent insatiable demand from overseas buyers. For several years now the overseas market has been essential to the health of London’s prime residential market and for residential development projects across most central London areas...


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