As a specialist finance broker we get introduced to a range of different property professionals to assist with raising finance and work with a huge range of different lenders. Over the last few years there have been major overhauls in lending practises in an attempt to avoid mistakes of the past and whilst not all lenders will have the same criteria and processes there are some common requirements they all have and also some common pitfalls many clients will fall into. Here will try to summarise the typically processes.... read more

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In Q3 there has been a noticeable cooling off in the residential housing market with prices even falling slightly in some typically strong locations. Some areas of the UK weren’t exactly heating up to start with but certain parts of London and the South East were certainly seeing significant price increases over the last few years. Housing indexes are generally reporting a fairly flat market for Q3 2014 with some areas seeing small price decreases. However we feel things are very different to when prices turned in 2008 and certainly don’t see anyone panicking, not for now more


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