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In 2015 we stopped sending out newsletters and instead are now regularly updating similar content to our Blog. Please click on the link in the menu to view the Blog content or on this link: Property Finance Blog


Our newsletters aim to give some comment on the property finance market and a short term outlook on any possible changes that may impact property professionals. Some of the old newsletters can be viewed below but are also included in the blog.



Current newsletter:


                    -  Finance for Commercial Development Projects  |  Finance for Prime Resi Finance Cools




Previous newsletters:


                    -  Stretched Debt for Developers  |  Refinancing Commercial Properties  |  Finance for Planning Plays


                    -  Private Funding for Developments   |   CMBS Market Revival   |   Funding for 'Non Prime' London  


                    -  Permitted Development Rights   |   Return of the Banks   |   Filtering the Noise


                    -  Joint Venture Developments   |   Funding Student Accommodation   |   Overseas Investor Demand


                    -  Debt Pricing Outlook  |  Mezzanine vs Equity Finance  |  UK Wide Development Finance


                    -  Peer to Peer Lending  |  Politics and the Property Market  |  Build Cost Inflation


                    -  Development Finance Processes  |  The Housing Market Cools


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